What happens when creative technologists meet experienced educators? and decide to produce advanced technological solutions for the benefit of the education system

The result is Kindix!

Kindix was developed by Sadel Technologies , a software house that employs veteran pedagogues and outstanding software engineers who decided to bring to the world of education the best technological products that will respond to the unique and changing needs of the education system and all the factors involved in it.

We all understand the importance of technology in improving and streamlining pedagogical processes. Managers and teachers expect that technology will help them on a daily basis, save them time and help them make smart managerial-pedagogical decisions. Unfortunately, this is not the case, although there are quite a few solutions, but they are far from providing the goods and many schools are held captive by technologies that do not meet their real needs. Teaching teams experience difficulty in operating the existing technological tools and administrators feel the uselessness of those tools and sometimes feel confused by the range of solutions available on the market

Kindix grew out of a deep understanding of the schools’ needs and was developed from a broad pedagogical-educational systemic view that sees technology as a central means of improving the level of teaching and learning in the school. Kindix provides a rich management toolbox that provides a holistic solution for the school and all officials, students, teachers and parents, all in one smart, flexible and very user-friendly application.


Aspire to be a major and leading player in the field of education and make Kindex a global brand in the field of learning technology and pedagogical management

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Walt Disney

Management team

Eng. Ibrahim Sana

Founder & CEO

Eng. Nader Afenesh

Product Manager

Dr. Mousa Frajalla

system architect & security manager

Eng. Muhammad Hwashla

System Design & UI/UX Manager

Dr. Ahmad Mahajneh

Pedagogical director

Eng. Hassan Zhor

Software team lkeder

Adi Daniel

MArketing & Sales Manager